Friday, 31 October 2014

The lost city

Postcards from Pompeii

I wasn't sure what to expect of this Volcano-torn ancient city.  What I found was a site of interesting ruins, abundant with history and meaning behind them. It was very enlightening learning about them from our guide Micele and it was awing to see how long these structures had been standing despite what they had endured. Definitely worth visiting - set in quite a cute little town with pleasant views and the great Mount Vesuvius as a majestic backdrop.  If you admire history or simply appreciate the mysteriousness of ancient ruins you will find interest in this World Heritage place. 

A few of my favourite snapshots from the day:

Outside the city walls.

Mount Vesuvius.

The "main" streets of Pompeii.

Stormy clouds on one side, blue skies on the other.

Their version of a shopping mall.

Beautiful artwork  and it's colouring that has endured through thousands of years.

An ancient 'mansion' with a modern courtyard. 

Photographs by Me!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

An open air museum

Postcards from Rome

A city that was literally even beyond my wildest imagination. No sky-scrapers, no modern architecture, no high-tech... only every where you turn you are greeted with jaw-droppingly beautiful architecture and landscaping. Reminiscently able to preserve the historic Roman vibe one thinks about when contemplating Rome before visiting. The weather treated us with exceeding kindness, lending gorgeous blue skies and fluffy white clouds to our photographs.

I would most definitely return, as there is just so much to see. You could spend a month there easily. Definitely one of my most favourite places I visited. As I have so many pictures to share I will be posting them by order and grouping of place so you can get a greater sense of each location.
Here is but a snapshot of what I was blessed to see in real life.

Photographs by Me!

Majestic Monument to Victor Emmanuel II

The Pantheon

On top of Gianicolo Hill - sweeping view of all of Rome. Beautiful!

Romantic alley ways just like in the movies.

Outside the Colosseum at night.

More of the breathtaking view from Gianicolo Hill.

A moment of magic at the Roman Forum.

Through the leaves.

Palatine Hill & the Roman Forum

Capturing the flame at Victor Emmanuel Memorial.

Candles alight in worship of Mother Mary - inside St Peter's Basilica. Stunning.

One of the millions of masculine sculptures in Vatican City.

Inside the huge Colosseum by daylight. The wall reached even higher - almost double in full form.

Inside St Peter's Basilica

Outside the main Vatican building.

Unwavering soldiers guarding Emmanuel's commemoratory wreath & tombstone.

Monday, 27 October 2014


I love wearing pieces with unique detailing on them. White lace blouse - no brainer. We forgot to take more close up pictures but my skater skirt actually has a flower pattern embossed into it. It's very cute and takes it up from a simple black skirt. This outfit is so breezy and casual, can be worn day to night, exudes femininity whilst being modern and comfortable. White blouses and black skater skirts are staples for me and a very 'when-in-doubt' outfit. 

My bag was a gift from Oroton, I absolutely adore it and use it all the time. These very different and sassy heels by Charlotte Russe were bought on my America trip earlier this year. 

Blouse can be found at H&M and similar shoes by Tony Bianco. 

I've been really busy trying to sort out my recent Europe trip pictures, do as many blog posts as I can before I leave for my upcoming huge trip and packing/planning for it as well. You'll be seeing a lot of activity on the blog in the coming weeks. Have a lovely day xoxox

Photos by Gagan Assi

Saturday, 25 October 2014


We were lucky enough to catch the sunset this time. It made for a beautiful glow across the field we were shooting on and created some pretty effects with my hair and the trees. 

This outfit is very springtime with the weather being warm enough for 'cold-shoulder' outfits and flowy skirts. Both my blouse and skirt have crotchet on them, detailing that is very feminine and delicate - reminiscent of a bohemian style look.  Apparently it had an 'Octoberfest' feel to it haha. It was put together really last minute but fit comfortably with the setting and hairstyle. I love maxi-skirts as an easy throw on item that can easily be taken into a more glamorous look should you choose. I'd say that this could be worn casually in the day-time; outings, lunches and easily on balmy nights out for relaxing dinners and gatherings. I bought this blouse years ago while I worked at Bardot and the skirt from a cute hand-made market in India. 

It was so so good working with Shivayan again (of Stills by Shivayan) after ages, who is doing so amazingly well with his photography business - a big kudos to him! He was so great (and hilarious) telling me how to 'work the camera' and direct the shots. I always have a great time with him and really admire his creative eye. Much appreciated! :)

I was meant to post this before I headed out on my trip but technical difficulties delayed it, apologies! I can't wait to post my trip pictures very soon before heading out on my next adventure! I loved being welcomed by the warm weather in Sydney so hope everyone is enjoying it just as much and to all those preparing for final exams - best of luck xoxoxo



Photographs by Stills by Shivayan
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