Tuesday, 30 September 2014


So recently I've gotten around to doing a fair few shoots for the next couple of weeks. My amazing friends who lend their time and effort for my blog alas have their own busy schedules too so I cooperate with them and appreciate their amazing work ridiculously! With many performances, events to organise and trip planning for my upcoming holiday I have also been strapped for time and focused on other tasks at hand. 

The day of this shoot was absolutely uplifting with the sun shining and a nice breeze. Clearly the weather is transitioning very quickly. The sun and warmth is definitely welcome and especially not having to wear heavy layers of clothing all the time. 

I had been meaning to blog this trench coat for SO long and missed winter for it but thought I had better feature it before summer hit and I'd be thought crazy. I bought it from Sheike and it is my favourite trench with emphasised shoulders, peplum waist and beautiful wool blend material. Whilst the crop top makes it suitable for warmer weather, the monochromatic tones make it suitable for work-associated and winter styling. Despite these gorgeous ASOS High-waist Boucle trousers looking very warm the material is conveniently lean, making it wearable in warmer weather as well. My friend described this look as 'classy meets casual' (his words not mine haha) and I'd say is wearable for a lot of different occasions. The look is simply finished off with my large Forever New bag that fits absolutely EVERYTHING and my Charlotte Russe heeled sandals - the clear strap and heel immediately caught my eye whilst shopping in America. 

A lot of you are on midsem break right now so enjoy or alternatively wondering where the whole year went (it's nearly October?!?!). Enjoy the beautiful weather you happy people :) xx

Photography by Gagan Assi

Monday, 4 August 2014

High-Waist Jeans

So I haven't posted in months...woopsie. The last few months have been a whirlwind for me, I just finished my degree and then I went straight into organisation for my dance school's event that was just a few nights ago. Anyway after a bit of a hiatus I am back and will hopefully be posting more regularly!

The heart of winter is over. Rejoice! I am not the biggest fan of winter, apart from the fashion. Something about the cold and how it makes you hella lethargic. A combination of uni and winter have stalled my gym and eating lifestyle but I've got to start getting into shape again for my upcoming Europe trip.. thank Gosh it's getting a little warmer (touchwood). The sun Gods were smiling when we visited Auburn Japanese Gardens recently, which made for some beautiful lighting with our shots. As usual had a great time shooting with my talented pal, Gagan. Legend!

This is my quintessential throw-on winter outfit for casual wear. This slouchy white tee and mustard yellow cable knit (wearing sunny colours in winter lifts me) I bought from Forever21 during my America trip are my go-to pieces and I've got a lot of wear out of them this year already. The white tee can also be worn as a one-shoulder for a little changing-up. Very versatile and so so comfy! I absolutely adore these high-waisted stonewash jeans I bought from ASOS, they are what they call "uber high-waisted" and make for a flattering shape. Now with my Suede boots, I actually bought them 2-3 years ago from Shoe Box and only wore them for the first time this day. They are really comfortable and the colour is easy to match with most outfits. Great for cold weather too.

Enjoy and Keep warm guys! xx

Photography by Gagan Assi

Monday, 14 April 2014

Rider die

Obviously fashion doesn't always mean high heels, done-up hair etc etc. On an everyday basis it means jeans and lace-ups and hair that can be done in 30 seconds (as you will see my hair is in its very natural wavy form). For this very casual shoot, my pal Matty took photos for me with my own Nikon D5100. He was great despite his no promises warning :P While they aren't professional quality, they capture the outfit decently!

I'm wearing my favourite Riders jeans, I absolutely love the embroidery on them, it makes them so unique. The fit is amazing and I'm now a Riders jeans fan, waiting to buy a pair of black skinnies! Lace is a Ria standard so this top was a no brainer. It's hilarious watching people doing double takes to see if I'm naked underneath when really its the guise of the nude-singlet hahaha. Tan shoes done right are amazing and these boots go perfectly with the hue of the jeans and the overall casual look :) 

These were shot near my uni in Surry Hills, right after we enjoyed the yummiest helping of Gelato Messina. Sooo good. If you haven't tried it, you really need to. It was lovely, sunny weather that day, so much so that I had to squint my eyes (or just shut them). It was lols galore taking these pictures with Matty and getting the right angles. Much fun was had! Hope you like the outfit guys! 

P.s. I just turned 22 :D

Thanks for taking the photos Matty :)

Sunday, 23 March 2014


I've always really, really wanted to take photos on top of a hill... with a sunset. I had this distinct picture in my mind of what the location should look like but alas the closest I came within my locality was Kronos Hill. Although it wasn't the lavish hillside of my imagination, I quite liked what we were able to get from it. Videographer Parv Dandona facilitated these experimental shots - big thank you! 

I wore a long black dress in these images, with minimalistic jewellery. More pictures could come soon. The wind was blowing and made for some nice effects with my hair. Enjoy!

Photography by Parv Dandona 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Maxi dresses have been my clothing of choice this summer. They are so feminine, flowy, flattering, comfortable and easy to just throw on so it makes a lot of sense. The full length of the skirt also makes you look taller! Clean lines and cuts have been the trend this season, but this tribal patterned, very vibrant dress caught my eye and I've already worn it so many times these holidays. 

My bag is from Forever New, it suits the blackish tones of the dress and not to mention my shoes and hair. I chose tribal chunky jewellery to compliment the theme of the outfit yet went with a structured bag and a sleeker shoe to finish the ensemble to give it balance. These shoes are an absolute favourite, I had been looking for this style for so long and as usual, ASOS fulfilled my wish with a sweet price as well! 

It was windy as usual so I had no choice but to go for the 'windswept' look haha although it doesn't look terrible with the overall idea I guess. Enjoy Guys! Not too long til uni starts again aaaah.


Photography by Gagan Assi

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