Monday, 10 November 2014

A sunny kinda day

I got a haircut before I left for my Europe trip.. It's so much shorter than what I'm used to but it's been interesting trying to figure out how to style it short again. Anyway, this look and outfit is ultra casual and relaxed, when I want to feel fresh and light. Weather was tres hot and sunny when we shot these photographs so lots of sunshine reflecting off the leaves and my hair :) Big props to my photographer, Gagan for being so patient although it was blazing heat that day!

This top is a favourite that goes with so much in my wardrobe (although is does need altering to be more fitted I'm thinking now!) and these gorgeoussss pants are from my trip to Spain by one of their big fashion houses, Mango. I absolutely adoreeee them. And very in love with the Mango brand, they had so many beautiful pieces and I wish I had brought more over. So excited to wear them this summer! This uber cute bag was gifted to me on my birthday this year, from Forever New. All matchy matchy with my outfit colour tones. Sandals from Novo, love their different kinda thang going on.

I really wish I was basking in summery weather like this right now. It's cold in Osaka, although today we got some bless-ed sunshine (after days of overcast skies and rain). Then I died because I wore too many layers and had to carry it all blaaaah. I'm feeling a bit homesick right now - it would've been my graduation day today if I hadn't chosen to be overseas. But saving the celebrations til later...

GOOD LUCK for exam-ers and CONGRATS for uni-finishers and if you are none of the former then a very happy day to you none-the-less! Peace out from Osaka!

Ria xx

Photos by Gagan Assi

Monday, 3 November 2014


If you read my posts regularly you may know that I am a big fan of the "go-to" concept. In any case of a slightly albeit a tiny bit more than the usual and the occasion is on short-notice or I just couldn't find time to plan an elaborate outfit, I like to know that I have this gorgeous dress handy. This is probably my favourite dress because of it's sheer easy to wear-ness. It goes with nearly every hairstyle and so easy to accessorise. I've styled the dress for a more formal look with two strap stiletto's, my favourite Michael Kors watch and Oroton purse. Finished off with golden studs and a bronzed-cheek and grape purple-toned lipstick. This is my last post sitting at my desk in Sydney for more than 1.5 months! Thought I would take a little break from last minute packing. Off on my next adventure tomorrow morning! More posts will be coming soon, so do stay tuned.

Much love :)

Photos by Gagan Assi

A sight for sore eyes

Postcards from Sorrento & Capri

As we drove up the mountains to get to our next destination of Sorrento, the glimpses of the ocean between bush and road teased us as we craned our necks from the coach to try and see what lied ahead in our so far wonderful tour. Sorrento was absolutely beautiful, amongst my 2 most favourite places across the trip. With it's stunning coastal views, beachy balmy feel, cute alleyways lined with stores selling food, limoncello (famous local lemon flavoured alcohol), souvenirs and more. And perhaps greatly because the Isle of Capri was in close proximity. Capri was what really pulled at the heartstrings for me. Something about it was so perfect, the water, the vibrance, the big mountains. The views from Anacapri were absolutely breathtaking as you will see in the photographs I took below. It was the perfect, picturesque little island with sweet lanes, those cool doors you see in instagram pics and beautiful little mini-gardens inside front-yards or mini piazza's. I would also say a very romantic place for couples and October was a great time to go too. There is no way I am NOT coming back here. Ti adoro Sorrento e Capri!

Disclaimer: A very d'oh moment when exporting some of the photos - they were at the lowest quality setting because of another batch I was exporting and as a result some have come out pixelated. I am short of time right now as I'm leaving for my trip tomorrow morning so these will have to do. Still able to see the beauty of the place though. Take care guys xoxox 

Photos by Me
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