Monday, 17 December 2012

Real Estate

Bright coloured blazers are evidently a love of mine. I bought this orange blazer while I worked at Bardot last year. I love the fit and what it brings to an outfit. The colour makes it fun and stands out while the style polishes it off. I've kind of mixed and matched styles here - the top half is clean and conservative, although balanced by the chain collar necklace, while the bottom half is bold and slightly grungy. In an earlier post I spoke of how I really liked the new stud trend going around, and how rather than trashy they can make an outfit look unique and edgy. These tights are a fave of mine - I always get compliments when I wear them. They get a lot of stares - sometimes good sometimes borderline disgusted - haha! Totally used to the scrutiny though ;)
My shoes are by ROC and are built on the foundation created by designer Jeffrey Campbell. They are uber high and I just love the attitude that exudes from them. 

Thanks again to my photographer, Shivayan for these great pics!

Blazer - Bardot
Blouse - Glassons
Necklace - Diva
Tights -
Shoes - ROC
Satchel - Sports Girl

© Stills by Shivayan | Riana Das

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  1. you look fab Ria no matter what colour u got your fashion sense...keep postin all the gud stuff ...!!


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